About UsIn 1989, Recreation Planning Associates was founded as an independent consulting firm providing recreational planning services for aquatic and recreational projects. Recreation Planning Associates (RPA) is directed by Susan Wallover, who brought her expertise in the areas of operational and program management planning, feasibility studies, comprehensive recreation and park plans, grantsmanship, increasing revenue and needs assessment surveys. The architectural firm of Wallover Architects became affiliated with RPA to provide operator and user-oriented insight during the planning and design phases of project planning, resulting in designs and operational plans that meet the specific needs of the individual communities and clients served by Wallover Architects.

Two decades later, Wallover Aquatics has been formed as an international, limited liability company that exists to help operators run their aquatic facilities more successfully, and to help bring new projects online. The combination of decades-long aquatic experience at Wallover Architects with those of the Recreational Planning background of Susan Wallover provide an unsurpassed body of knowledge in the fields of aquatic planning and successful facility management. We seek to provide cradle-to-grave consultation and development services independent of design and engineering, and can work with our sister firm, Wallover Architects, or another design or planning firm of your choosing. We look forward to creating the program and information that allows your designer to move forward with the creation of a successful aquatic facility.