Dnepropetrovs’k, Ukraine

The Water Sports Palace (WSP) is a major national aquatic facility providing training for Ukrainian Olympic and Paralympic swimmers, as well as swimming instruction programs to the general public. Wallover Aquatics is working with the WSP management team to develop a business plan and an operations and management manual for the newly renovated aquatic facility. Assisting the management team in developing programs to encourage families to play together is helping the WSP to achieve their national goal “to strengthen the family.”

lineUkraine PosterUkraine Pool Accident Prevention

Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin is a small community with an aging pool that not only competes with the sandy beaches and warm waters of the gulf, but also with new and newly renovated aquatic facilities in surrounding communities. A full-scope feasibility study—including a community needs assessment survey, program analysis and a management study—is being conducted. The study will identify how the administration of this well managed facility can be improved. It will also determine whether the current facility should be renovated in its same location or newly-built at a new location. Entertainment features and programming opportunities will be identified to encourage increased use and participation.

lineDunedin ConceptDunedin Concept

Vashon, Washington

The small community of Vashon is located on an island in the Puget Sound. The community is considering acquisition of the only pool on the island. A limited-scope feasibility study will inform the community of the condition of the pool and costs associated with the needed repairs. Revenue generating opportunities provide options to recover some of their operational costs.